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Maumee Valley Adventurers, Inc. Grant Policies and Guidelines

A. Grant Applications

To be considered for a Maumee Valley Adventurers, Inc. grant, a formal MVA Grant Application must be completed and submitted. It must include:

  • Description of project activity
  • Description of purpose and benefit of project
  • Desired grant funding (typical grant amount $1,000 or less)
  • Organization contact information

The Maumee Valley Adventurers, Inc. (hereafter abbreviated as MVA) Board will review proposals and respond to applicants. The board may either recommend against funding or may investigate the project more fully. The investigation may include a discussion with a project representative.

All grant recipients are required to submit a final report to the MVA Board after disbursement of funds. Report must include project results and verification that the monies were used as presented in the proposal. If possible, grant recipients should include pictures in report for use in future MVA grants marketing.

B. Grant Awards

In awarding grants, the MVA Board will be guided by the following priorities established in the MVA By-laws:

  • To promote and encourage outdoor activities and healthy lifestyle.
  • To train and educate MVA members and the local community by using outdoor activities, educational and recreational travel and related programs; to develop fit, self-reliant, well-informed citizens.
  • To advise, support, and assist community groups in furtherance of the uses of bicycles for recreation, travel, and transportation by cooperation with schools, colleges and other educational, recreational and civic organizations in the development of programs of mutual interest.
  • To assert, safeguard, and advocate the rights of all bicyclists and to seek better public understanding and respect for existing rights and greater cooperation with the public authorities in the observance of traffic regulations by all users

C. Review of Grant Applications

1. The MVA Board will award grants based on an assessment of the community’s greatest needs, as guided by the MVA By-laws. Additional consideration is given by the following guidelines:

  • The potential impact of the request and the number of people who will benefit.
  • Local volunteer and other support for the project.
  • The degree to which the request works with or complements other community organizations in an attempt to eliminate duplication of services.
  • The possibility of using the grant as seed money for matching funds from other sources.
  • The ability of the organization to obtain any additional funding that may be needed to complete the project.
  • The organization’s ability to provide ongoing funding after the grant has expired.

2. Grants will be made only to non-profit organizations and programs, schools, and other similar civic-minded organizations.

3. All grants will be one-time awards. Awards will be made with the understanding that the MVA has no obligation to provide any additional support to the grantee.

4. No grants will be made for endowment campaigns or for previously incurred debts.

5. Requests for support from religious organizations will be considered only if a project

meets a general need and does not promote any particular denomination.

6. No grants will be made for any political campaign or to support any attempt to

influence legislation of any governmental body other than by making available the results of nonpartisan analysis, study and research.

7. Proposals must include all requested information as well as any additional information necessary to adequately describe the project.

8. Grant recipients will be required to provide a summary and description of the use of funds upon completion of the project. Failure to do so will affect future grant requests.

9. MVA operates without discrimination as to race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, citizenship status, or any other category protected under federal or state law in the evaluation of grant requests and will make grants only to non- discriminatory grant seekers.

Applications within the calendar year may be considered based on available funds.

Send Application and General Inquiries to:


Maumee Valley Adventurers

Attn: Grant Application

PO Box 352736

Toledo, OH 43635

(Applicants are strongly encouraged to send proposals as e-mail attachment)

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